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Comfort 30 straight stairlift

Comfort 30 straight stairlift



COMFORT 30 straight stairlift is a reliable solution provided by MediNeeds to lift you and your guests comfortably up and down the stairs to be able to:

- Move within your multi-level home more freely.

- Optimize your utilization of your valuable space.

- Save your energy for more important activities.

- Avoid injury.

- Regain your independence at home.

- Eliminate the barrier of stairs by providing safe and easy access to other floors

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A durable & reliable single rail system (Aluminum & steel)

Complement the interior design of your home by high quality fabrics with different colors.

Space-Saving Design, Easy access to the stairway by Folding arms, footrest, and seat (slim profile).

Swivel seat - no need to twist your body to get on and off the stairlift.

Easy to operate by toggle control on the armrest.

You can call Comfort 30 with two additional hand-held remote controls.

Secure safety belt.

Padded seat and backrest.

Lockable on/off switch allows the user to prevent others (e.g. children) from using the stairlift.

Diagnostic digital display informs the user of the status of the lift.

Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the stairlift automatically if any obstruction is encountered.



Why do you Choose COMFORT 30 straight Stairlift from MediNeeds?

- With Comfort 30 you can combine high performance and adjustable comfort.

- FREE Assessment & Quotation (our experts help you select the best solution for your needs, home, and budget.)

- FREE Professional installation within 3 days.

- Local professionally trained engineers’ team in Your Local Area provide safe and efficient installation & repairing of your stairlift.

- Technical Support team

- warranty coverage 3 years on the product & 1 year on the battery.

- FREE Periodic service visits during warranty period

- There are several available customized options to fit your needs and lifestyle and integrate with your home.

- Made in EGYPT.


Comfort 30

Capacity : 125 KG

Swivel : 90 Degree at top

Drive System : Rack and pinion

Brakes : Electromagnetic brakes + Self locking gearbox

Battery : Long lasting 24Vdc: could supply 60 travels up to fully discharged

Warranty : 3 years on device - 1 year on battery

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feature title

Comfort 30


Incline range : 25 to 45 degree

Speed : Doesn't exceed 15 cm/sec Smooth start and stop for more safety

Safety of design : Comply with EN80-41

Folded width : 48 cm

Distance between armrest : 46 cm

Rail length : standard 4m length

Motor : powerful 500watt - 0.67 Horse 

Power : 24 VDC

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Electrical requirements :220 VAC