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How does it work?
The McKenzie REPEX II is a chiropractic table that use repetitive flexion and/or extension technique in the management of acute/chronic low back and leg pain.




  • The exclusive design of the McKenzie REPEX II was developed by Robin McKenzie to use the McKenzie Technique to treat mechanical disorders of the back such as, but not limited to, degenerative discs, herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome or sacroiliac syndromes where a limitation of movement occurs in the direction of “centralization”.
  • The REPEX™ takes the patient through repetitive end-range passive-range-of-motion movements of flexion and/or extension.
  • The REPEX™ is equipped with a 6 inch modern touchscreen display and control which allows you to enter exact angle depth, hold time, cycles and treatment time. Once programed, the table automatically and passively exercises the patient's lower back to its full available end range.







• The McKenzie REPEX II is perfect for doctors who want a full-featured Flexion-Extension chiropractic table.
• So smooth, so responsive & nearly Effortless (minimal power needed), also automatic repetitive movements enhance doctor's efficiency while maintaining patient’s comfort.
• Using the REPEX, your patients will be able to achieve a greater number of repetitions than what is physically possible using self-generated exercises.
• Save more time and effort for the therapist during treatment that allow him to treat more patients per day.
• The table features includes precise touchscreen control for entering the exact angle of treatment, speed, number of cycles and hold time. Once entered, the table automatically and passively exercises the patient’s lower back to its full available end range.



Technical Specifications and Features:

•Variable Cycle Speed 1-8 Cycles per minute.
•Touchscreen (6”) allows to display and control exact angle depth, hold time, cycles and treatment time.
•Sliding Face and Lower Sections for comfort during motion.
•Movement: Just Flexion, just Extension or both in one cycle.
•Angle: Flexion and Extension controlled independently by doctor.
•Provided with arm rests.
•Slide-Out Foot Section.
•Width 69 cm / Available Heights: 61 cm, 66 cm or 75 cm.

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