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How does it work ?

The ANATOMOTOR has been a trusted leader among traction-massage treatment tables for nearly 60 years. It is designed to provide soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction with the ability to add heat and vibration separately or at the same time all in one treatment table.




1) Therapeutic message with (Rollers / Heat / Vibration/ Passive range of motion)

The ANATOMTOR has a moving top on which the patient glides back and forth just under the normal respiration rate. Soft tissue massage can be provided with:

  • Leg Rollers: which massage the calves and thighs to relax muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • Back Rollers: Two sets of adjustable-height massage rollers straddle the spine and rhythmically loosen taut muscles. This deep-kneading massage effectively prepares the patient for traction which actually separates the spinal vertebrae.
  • Heat (Soothing warmth is directed up through the rollers creating comfort and Relaxation).
  • Vibration is felt through the back rollers, relaxing the patient and increasing circulation.


2) Passive range of motion

The Anatomotor is also ideal for applying passive range of motion exercises for more effective treatment for different medical conditions.

  • Intermittent/ Constant Spinal, Arm & Shoulder Traction with (Rollers / Heat / Vibration)
  • Traction is created as the gliding top pulls against the controlled resistance of the traction unit with force regulated between 0 and 200 pounds and can be applied in several different forms from cervical (with the Hill Cervical Device / no pressure on the chin) to full lumbar-sacral traction using the traction harnesses. In addition to Arm & Shoulder traction. Therapists may treat with constant or intermittent traction.







  • The Anatomotor is perfect for doctors who want multi-purpose chiropractic table with the functions of soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat and vibration all in one treatment table.
  • The Effective interaction of Traction and Massage using rolling massage with traction reduces the patient’s body friction to the surface of the table top and creates pelvic-tilt, directing greater traction force to a specific area & delivering a more effective treatment in a shorter period of time.
  • So smooth, so responsive & nearly Effortless (minimal power needed) enhance doctor's efficiency while maintaining patient’s comfort.
  • By using the Anatomotor, your patients will be able to achieve a greater number of exercises effectively than self-generated exercises.
  • Save time and effort for the therapist during treatment that allows him to treat more patients per day.
  • The table features includes variable speed & traction force for greater control and versatility, especially during traction.



Technical Specifications and Features:

Standard Features:

  • Semi-pneumatic back rollers.
  • Leg rollers and rubber foot pad.
  • Timer, filler block (insert), top pad and two-section pillow.
  • Fixed Height from 56 cm to 81 cm / Width 53 cm.
  • Caster System.
  • Volt international Power Supply.
  • Gas-Powered Stool.

Optional Features:

Complete Traction Package includes:

  • Traction Accessories.
  • Pre-drilled base for traction.
  • Traction Stool.
  • Cervical Traction Device.
  • 24” Width.
  • Variable speed.

Available Colors


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